Thinking about mini office or home office, we matched the features to suit size and need. We are convinced that the home office must be warm so that it can be used both, in winter and in any other season, so the house must have good floor, wall and roof insulation. Doors and windows must be made of high-class double-glazed units and the room needs electricity and light sockets. The exterior of the building should be made of durable materials that will last and will not require maintenance for a long period of time. Therefore, it is perfect to install one workplace in an area of ​​6 m2.

In a larger version, the space of 30 square meters can be used as a home office, gym, studio, cinema room, entertainment space, guest house, nail care office, therapy room, yoga space. Uses can be as diverse as we are each different with our hobbies or ideas.

You can choose different sizes for this house. In principle, the appearance of the house does not change, but the size and interior layout changes. Possible variations of this house:

Mini office options:

House size (m2)6,25142230
Width (m)2,52,545
Depth (m)2,5666
Height (m)2,82,82,82,8
Panel thickness roof (cm)15151515
Panel thickness walls (cm)10101010
Panel thickness floor (cm)15151515
Time to install2 days2 days2 days4 days

 The smallest Cube 6.25 m2

 3267 Eur (including 21% tax) The price includes all materials required for installation, installation and delivery to the specified location.

      House area 6.25 m2 (2.5m x 2.5 m).

Cube 14 m2

4650 Eur (including 21% tax) The price includes all materials required for installation, installation and delivery to the specified location.

 House area 14 m2 (2.5m x 6 m).

What is included in the price

We manufacture and install the entire structure of your home, which requires the number of SIP panels to build the walls, floor and roof, according to certain model sizes given in the tables for our small, medium or large eco-room. You can then choose how to complete your holiday home the way you want. We aim to meet your different needs and supply all the items needed for construction:

  •     A detailed plan and a package of height drawings that you can use when installing the finish if only constructions are purchased
  •     Manufacture of SIP panels for walls, roof and floor
  •     Window and door openings are pre-cut and structurally framed in wood
  •     Transportation and delivery to the place
  •     Installation of SIP boards with all the necessary elements (screws, glue and seals)


Our professional team can ensure accurate and efficient installation of SIP panels for the construction of your home. We will build free of charge all over Lithuania. We can offer installation outside Lithuania, but additional costs will be added to the above prices to cover additional costs for builders’ travel and accommodation. Our SIP homes are incredibly quick to install, see The options table above shows the durations over how much is built.

The foundation

A solid building needs a solid foundation. Our initial package does not include foundations, so you can make the foundations yourself or order from us. If you are making the foundation yourself, then the foundation must be installed before we arrive at the place. We recommend using one of three foundation types before constructing SIP constructions. Simply let us know what type you would like to install and we will send you a detailed floor drawing to share with the foundation company.

We offer the foundations:

-Screw foundations. Galvanized screws are precisely screwed into the ground. The base of wooden constructions is installed on the screws, a solid and level platform is created, on which the entire floor and wall frame is later built. From an environmental point of view, the use of screws significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to a traditional concrete base.

– Pole foundation with grate. The grate is a reference beam that connects the poles and distributes the building loads evenly distributed to them. It can usually be installed from HAUS P6-20 formwork blocks. The height and width of the grate are selected according to the acting loads, the wall construction, the height of the plinth, etc. Formwork blocks are placed on leveled ground and polystyrene foam. Notches are formed in the tangles of blocks for the installation of reinforcement. After installing HAUS formwork blocks and reinforcement bars, the grate is monolithized with concrete.

Sip floor

 SIP floors are easier to install and do not experience any of the standard processes required for concreting, such as its setting where it has to wait several months to lay the coating, proper leveling, its expansion and so on. Perhaps best, the SIP floor becomes an integral part of the entire building envelope. This is because SIP flooring significantly enhances the structural envelope of a building. In turn, due to the energy-efficient properties of the structural envelope, the building consumes less heating. This significantly increases the energy efficiency of the building. And, of course, that means: saving money to cover heating and cooling costs.

House decoration

  If you want one main contractor to oversee all the work on your construction project, we will offer to build the house from foundation to full finish.

     If you are a DIY enthusiast or have your own builder, we will be happy to create only a SIP design, you can finish all other work according to your desired style.

    Therefore, the decoration of the house is not included in the price, it is singled out.

Windows and doors

  All our window and door openings are pre-cut and structurally framed in wood. This allows you / your builder to easily install your chosen windows and doors. The construction set comes with a left side window, but if you want you can install the window in another place. Please provide this information on the order form at no extra charge. Below are the specific window measurements you will need when ordering windows from your chosen vendor.


   Bituminous tiles are mechanically fastened bituminous sheet waterproofing for pitched roofs, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 544. The coating is made by coating the glass fiber base (reinforcement) on both sides with oxidized bitumen mixed with a layer of bituminous mineral filler. The upper surface is covered with fine-grained mineral basalt sprinkles, the lower – with film and sand. The substance does not contain substances dangerous for humans and animals.

Welded roof coating

 One of the most innovative solutions. It is also a great choice for flat roofs. The coating is made by coating the fiberglass base (reinforcement) on both sides with modified polymer APP (atactic polypropylene) mixed with a layer of bitumen mineral filler. The upper surface of the coating is covered with fine-grained mineral sprinkles or polyethylene film, the lower surface of the coating is covered with a thin polyethylene film. The substance does not contain substances dangerous for humans and animals. The service life of the roof covering is more than 15-20 years. This is one of the most popular solutions for the installation and repair of flat roofs.